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What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsYou’ve likely heard that certain scents can keep bugs and other pests away from your home. It helps. Placing specific scents around your home can protect it from specific pests. However, you have to understand that this isn’t going to work for all residential pests. For instance, bedbugs are more resilient and won’t give up so easily. Instead, they’re going to walk through most scents and enter your home regardless. If this is something you’re trying to achieve, you should know that one scent works. Baby bedbugs release a foul odor that allows them to keep male bedbugs away. It works great for stopping male bedbugs, but it may not work for female bedbugs. Therefore, it is hard to rely on this scent alone. Instead, you’ll need something more effective. The United States Department of Agriculture recently studied the toxicity of essential oils on bedbugs. It was found that essential oils could be used to eliminate bedbugs, but some were more effective than others. In general, the most effective essential oils were paraffin oil and silicone oil. They might not keep bedbugs away, but they will eliminate them. It is best to mix the silicone oil in water and spray it directly on the bedbugs.

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