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Residential pest management targets the following properties:

All the aforementioned properties are under continuous threat of pests. There are around 70,000 species of pests across the globe. Each of these species is unique with behaviors and physical characteristics like no other.

What Is Residential Pest Control?

Pest control is exactly as its name entails. It helps control the population in specific areas. For example, residential pest control helps manage the population of specific insect or rodent species in homes. Whether you are a tenant or owner, your property is under the constant threat of the following pest species:

If you are like most people, insects rarely cross your mind. When a pest encounter takes place, you are completely caught off-guard. This is truly not that uncommon, since some people have never been left dealing with a pest infestation. Until you have never been a victim, you will never understand the gravity of damage left behind by pests.

Professional Vs Do-It-Yourself Residential Pest Control

Austin consumers have two pest control options at their disposal. Both these options are effective, but only professional pest control is suitable for moderate to severe pest infestations. Do-it-yourself residential pest management is limited to a dozen pests and a mild infestation. It is important to know your options if ever you are facing a pest infestation in your home.

Most consumers instantly turn to do-it-yourself pest control products because they are easily accessible. Pesticides, insecticides, foggers, and traps can be purchased from land-based big-box, retail, and home & garden stores.

Professional pest control, on the other hand, is only accessible through a licensed pest control company.

Is Residential Pest Control Cost-Efficient?

It can be when the treatment is customized, based on evidence collected through a visual pest inspection. Initially, professional pest management services may not be affordable, compared to do-it-yourself pest control products. When you consider DIY pesticides and traps are low potency pest treatments that do not offer full extermination in two treatments like our industrial-strength pesticides. It may not be cost-efficient after all. Professional pest control can fully exterminate an entire colony or cluster of pests in as little as two treatments.

 There is no doubt, cost plays a major role in the purchase decision. What some consumers do not understand about these services is they vary significantly in price, potency, and safety.

Is Residential Pest Management Environmentally Friendly?

It depends on the treatment. Pest management consists of a variety of treatments and techniques, both conventional (chemical-based) and eco-friendly. When conventional pest control does utilize chemicals to eradicate insect and rodent species, it does not need to pose environmental risks. When applied per the manufacturer’s recommendations and our safety protocol, it is possible to achieve full extermination of all pests with little to no harm to the environment.

Our eco-friendly – organic and natural – pesticides do not utilize synthetic chemicals or toxins. Instead, they utilize chemicals from natural or organic sources. For example, need oil utilizes a chemical derived from the seed of the “Azadirachta indica”, better known as the neem tree species. Another example is diatomaceous earth, which derives from the fossils of small organisms that live in lakes, oceans, and ponds. Fossilized diatoms are utilized for the production of diatomaceous earth, a popular natural pesticide.

How Does Residential Pest Control Work?

It works by eradicating pests on contact or within 20 to 90 minutes of exposure. We strive to provide our clients with as much information as possible about our residential pest management. This may be your first time dealing with a pest infestation, but our Austin pest control team has several decades of experience in the industry.

Each of our professional pest management strategies is initiated with a thorough inspection of the impacted property. A certified pest control technician is dispatched to your property. Upon arrival, the technician will begin to prepare for the pest inspection. This is a complex process that may take between 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hours to complete. The main purpose of our inspection process is to determine if the property is truly infestation. If pests are detected during the inspection, the technician will begin searching for evidence to determine the severity of the problem.

Are Pesticides Potent Enough To Eradicate A Colony Of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are among some of the most prolific household pest species. The mature female can reproduce 5 capsules with between 40 and 50 eggs. It is easy to see why some people opt to ignore one female adult cockroach because it is only 50 eggs. If the female continues to reproduce throughout her lifetime, she will reproduce up to 5 capsules with about 2,500 eggs. Now, you can see there is potential for a full-blown infestation if there is not a stop put to the female cockroach’s continuous reproduction.

As mentioned previously, pest control is available as an over-the-counter pesticide. It is also available through a licensed pest control contractor or company. Professional pest control utilizes cutting-edge technology and industrial-strength pesticides to eradicate rodents and insects on contact.

Why Hire Our Austin Pest Control Company?

  • We are conveniently located in Austin
  • We hire members of our local community before looking outside the area
  • Our exterminators are licensed with the State of Texas
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  • Our prices are fair and competitive with other Texas pest control company
  • Our services include free residential pest control consultation and inspection
  • We offer written quotes for price comparison purposes

We are available 5 days a week and some weekends. We are here to serve your every pest control need. If you are concerned about your budget, do not hesitate to take advantage of our free written estimates. Contact us today and let our Austin customer support schedule you for a free consultation. Remember, we are always a phone call away from a pest-free home.

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