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Heat Treatment

Using heat is a reliable way to eliminate bedbugs in a dwelling. Heat has proven time and again to be consistently effective, and it offers a handful of benefits. For instance, it can wipe out bedbugs anywhere in the home. Even if they’re hiding on furniture or in electrical outlets, the heat will reach and eliminate them.

Besides offering conventional pest control services, we offer eco-friendly heat treatments. Contact our office to learn more about this service.

Bedbug Heat Treatments Work

The heat treatment is one of the best tools we have against bedbugs. It is convenient, reliable, and efficient. When the home’s temperature is raised, the bedbugs will not be able to survive. They cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. If they’re unable to escape the dwelling quickly, they will die. We’ll make sure the bugs in your home are trapped inside and eliminated.

Our technician will increase the temperature in your home to 140-degrees or higher. Once this temperature is reached, the bugs will perish.

The Most Effective Method

Ultimately, our bedbug heat treatment is our best method. It is the most reliable tool we can use against the bedbugs in your home. If you’re trying to eliminate bedbugs, we highly recommend using this technique. One of the best things about this technique is the fact that it can eliminate all bedbugs in the dwelling. Even if they hide, they won’t be able to escape. There is a slim chance that the bugs will leave the home and return.

Instead, we’ll make sure they get trapped in the home so they can be eliminated.

Rely On Us

We sincerely hope you’ll rely on our services because we can deliver rapid results. Our technicians have been trained thoroughly so they know how to fix the problem without exposing anyone to any risks. We’ll increase the temperature in your home to 140-degree for several hours. Once this happens, the bugs in your home will die. Then, we’ll begin cleaning up the mess. We’ll make sure your home is spotless before we leave.

We’ll Ask You To Leave

We’ll make sure the client is out of the home during the treatment process. We do this to guarantee the client’s safety. We always do everything possible to ensure the client is protected during and after the procedure. Work with us because we’ll protect everyone in your home. Our heat treatment can be completed within hours so you can return home before you know it.

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