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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Are you concerned that bedbugs could be hiding in your home? They could be and you might not realize it. Bedbugs are often difficult to spot because they remain hidden while you’re awake. In addition to this, they’re small and reddish-brown. The combination allows them to hide exceptionally well. If you want to identify an infestation sooner, you need to know where these pests hide. Once you’ve figured it out, you can search their most common hiding places so you can identify and rectify the problem sooner.

Where You’ll Find Bedbugs

Bedbugs can be found anywhere in the home. However, some hiding places are used more frequently than others. Below, you’ll find an explanation of its most common hiding places.


First and foremost, you’re going to find bedbugs hiding on your bed. Since they hide on bedbugs often, they’re called bedbugs. In an ordinary infestation, more than 90% of the bugs in the home will be hiding on the mattress. They stay here so they can stay close to human blood which is their primary food source.

Bed Frame

Besides the mattress and box spring, you’ll also find these hideous pests on your bed frame. It’ll be hard to see them here since they’re reddish-brown. They’ll blend in with the frame and that makes them difficult to spot.


Bedbugs can be found on covers, sheets, quilts, pillowcases, and blankets. It is usually easier to spot them here. However, the infestation has worsened severely when you begin finding bedbugs on your covers and sheets.


In homes with rugs and carpets, you’re going to find bedbugs in these items. They often hide at the bottom of the carpet and deep within the fibers. While they could be found in other rooms, they primarily stay in carpets found in bedrooms.

Couch & Furniture

Another common hiding place for bedbugs is your couch. Bedbugs like hiding here because most couches are reddish-brown. They’ll blend in making them difficult to spot. Plus, the couch gives them plenty of viable hiding places. They’ll hide between the cushions, under the pillow, and under the furniture. Check the couch carefully and you might spot them. These spots should be checked first. If you haven’t found bedbugs here, you should begin looking around their less common hiding places.

Other Places They Can Be Found

These pests can be found throughout the home. Below, readers will discover some of the strange places where bedbugs tend to hide.


You’re likely going to find bedbugs in your luggage bags. It happens most frequently after someone has spent the night at a motel. The bugs from the motel got into your bags and you took them home with you. If this happens, some of the bugs are going to remain hidden in your luggage. Others will come out and hide elsewhere. Either way, be sure to check your luggage for bedbugs.

Hanging Decorations

Don’t forget to check your hanging decorations for bedbugs. You could find them hiding behind your wall paintings and pictures. If you find bedbugs behind your paintings, be sure to call a qualified professional quickly.


Bedbugs could be hiding in your books. They might be hiding behind the protective cover. Alternatively, they might’ve hidden between the book’s binding and spine. They frequently hide in books near beds.


If you have a nightstand in your bedroom, there is a good chance it is going to contain bedbugs. You’ll need to check it carefully. The bugs could be hiding in and under the drawers. They might be in the cracks and crevices too.

Electronic Devices

Finally, you may find bedbugs inside your electronic devices. Bedbugs often climb into the small cracks and live there. Although they can hide in computers and gaming consoles, they prefer basic electronics such as alarm clocks. Besides searching these items, you’ll also need to check any boxes stored under your bed. Bedbugs can easily enter the box and hide among the items inside. If you’re going to store items under your bed, you should use durable boxes with strong lids. Doing so will make it incredibly difficult for the bugs to climb into the boxes. Once bedbugs have been found in your home, call our qualified technicians and let them resolve the problem for you.

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