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How Do Bed Bugs Spread

Whether you are located in Austin, Texas or another part of the United States, there is a good chance that you have noticed the resurgence of bed bugs. The parasitic critters can be quite the headache and problem, as they tend to congregate near their preferred hosts. And yes, their preferred host is humans. While there have never been any reported cases of these critters spreading disease, they can still be a hassle. They bite you while you sleep and they can cause mental anguish that will keep you up most nights. These critters spread and reproduce incredibly fast and that is why it is extremely important to learn how to control them. However, before you can control them you have to know how they spread.

Hitching A Ride Into The Home

 The first thing that you need to know is that if you are currently dealing with bed bugs there is probably a good chance that you brought them into the home. That’s right, you might be the very cause of your untimely issue. Bed bugs are extremely great hitchhikers, as they usually latch onto your clothing, luggage, or shoes and travel into your home. For instance, if you visit an infested area in Austin, Texas you are always at risk of bringing the bug back home with you. Unfortunately, bed bugs like to hide in the most hidden places, so it can be hard to even tell when you are in an infested area. The best thing to do is to check your clothes, luggage, and shoes after staying in a motel or over at a relative’s home.


Decentralizing The Infestation

 As mentioned above bed bugs are parasitic critters that like to congregate near their hosts. Since the usually feed during the night hours when you are asleep they are going to invest the bedroom and make it their home 99 percent of the time. This can be a good and bad thing if you know how to handle the situation. Most of the time they will centralize themselves to the bedroom and stay in that single room. The only problem is that most homeowners don’t realize this. And, sleeping in the same room with bed bugs can mentally frustrate many homeowners and make them go sleep in a different room. When this happens the bed bugs will travel from the bedroom to other rooms of the home looking for hosts.


So, just by simply changing rooms you have further spread the infestation throughout your home when you could have kept it centralized to the bedroom.


Group Living

 Putting off treatment for an infestation is never a good ideal, as a recent study showed that group living could speed up the developmental process of bed bud nymphs. A recent study conducted in North Carolina showed that bed bugs are social insects and when they live socially it speeds up their developmental processes by as much as 2.2 days. This means the longer you put off the infestation in the home the more the bugs will produce. Once they produce and grow a large society they are going to start spreading and growing even faster. Before you know it you will be dealing with a full blown infestation.


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